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Our low xp mu online grand opening - last year

And now our improved mu online s19p3 high xp server opens - called!

RichMU Server Statistics
Server Name RichMU Season 19 Part 3
Mu online s19 part 3 robot - Muonline season 20 -
Muonline Server Version Mu Online S19 Episode 3
Experience Rate 9999x fast, and 100.000x majestic exp (medium/high feeling)
Muonline Gold points drops Castle Siege: Breaking gates & statue gain GP
Icewind Event: Winners and Losers will gain GP
Kingz Dragon: GP for each party member
Giant Treasure: Alot of GP and wcoins boxes
Golden Monsters: GP for each kill
Every 10 minute online you will receive GP
Muonline Wcoin drops Earn wcoins by playing events like:
Blood castle, devilsquare, chaoscastle.
Slaying medium and higher bosses.

By voting,inviting friends and character resets.
Grand resets gives 250.000 wcoins.

The top 25 monthly winners of:
bc,cc,ds,duals & voting receives loads of wcoins
with a maximum of 1.000.000 wcoins!
Stats 62,000 but can be improved with items and stats buffs up to 65,000
Challenging Bosses Many mini bosses hidden on different maps. And big custom bosses spawns
Drops High: boxes and good drops + ruud & wcoin boxes
RUUD & WCOINS drops High-level bosses drop RUUD & WCOIN boxes: BC Kundun +RUUDBOXES, +SILVER & GOLD DROPS RUUD
Mu online PvP New upgraded season 19 part 3 class system - all chars can kill each other
Muonline bonus PvP system All classes have +- the same win chance, different builds and item choices decides if you go for slow(defense) or fast(attack) pvp style.

On top of this config we build a PVP bonus class system, this means every character has a bonus power against 1 other class. This bonus you will notice once equipping the same (higher) sets.

1 -DK pvp bonus power VS = SLAYER
2 -DW pvp bonus power VS = ILLUSION KNIGHT
3 -ELF pvp bonus power VS = SUMMONER
4 -MG pvp bonus power VS = LEMURIA
5 -DL pvp bonus power VS = RUNE WIZARD
6 -SU pvp bonus power VS = DARK WIZARD
7 -RF pvp bonus power VS = GUN CRUSHER
8 -GL pvp bonus power VS = DARK KNIGHT
9 -RW pvp bonus power VS = RAGE FIGHTER
10 -SLA pvp bonus power VS = WHITE WIZARD
11 -GC pvp bonus power VS = DARK LORD
12 -LW pvp bonus power VS = MAGIC GLADIATOR
13 -LM pvp bonus power VS = GROWL LANCER
14 -IK pvp bonus power VS = ELF

This system allows you to build a character to counter top players specific builds, and forces the use of all classes during guild events.

Siege Event Every 7 days we have a siege warfare
Skills All skills in Lorencia NPC (have to search a bit xD)
Resets Yes, in-game /reset & stay on spot
Anticheat Medium serverside installed. Ban by community reports
Grand Resets Yes, rewards 250,000 wcoins - requires 75 resets -
Muonline Specials Many new jewels, upgrades ruud apocalypse sets to maximum kingz dragon set. New special events, extra bosses and loads of to discover
Guild Events Daily Icewind Event, Couple of time a week Arca wars, every 1 week Castle Siege. Amazing rewards special jewels & GP
-RUUD jewel
-Black and Orange jewel


Muonline drops
Ingame drops
Decent rate from any monster, on any map, mini-chaoscards.
Chaoscards (drops in vulcanus), arca battle, blood castle, illusion temple, scramble event, kundun and colored boxes, minibosses, evomons, baseball event
Fire dragon, dark elf (crywolf event), boss battle, labyrinth, illusion temple, doppelganger, doppelganger mix, chaoscard (rare), random monster on deep-dungeon map or higher
Chaoscard(gold), kundun boxes, silver/gold box, dark elf, balgass, random monster on deep-dungeon map or higher
Kingz Dragons, hide and seek event, castle siege, senior mix
Drops with rare rate from deep-dungeon or higher maps
Drops with very rare rate from deep-dungeon or higher maps
Kingz dragons very rare rate, 50% chance winner and loser guildmaster + alliance guildmasters
Can only be crafted with low rate from the senior mix npc, castle siege guildmaster winner
Giant treasure, Icewind event, Castle siege, Doppelganger, Acheron, Medusa, Gaint Ogre, Fire Dragon, Ice Golem, Kingz Dragon, Poison Tree, Icelord Dragon, Nightmare, Red Wolf, Selupan, Hollow Knight, Rathians, Silver Wolf, Lord Silvester, Blood Castle, Devilsquare, Chaos Castle
Fire Dragon, Kingz Dragon, Giant Treasure, Acheron Event, All players (Winners and Losers) of Icewind Castle and Castle Siege

Chaos Machine

Maximum Success Rate
Items +10, +11, +12
99% + Luck
Items +13, +14, +15
99% + Luck
Wings Level 1
50% Can also be upgraded/transformed by elite or VIP wings jewels
Wings Level 2
40% Can also be upgraded/transformed by elite or VIP wings jewels
Wings Level 3
40% Can also be upgraded/transformed by elite or VIP wings jewels
Wings Level 4
40% Can also be upgraded/transformed by elite or VIP wings jewels
Wings Level 5
35% using uriel feathers (lorencia bar) - transformation by Supreme jewel gives additional options
All elite and VIP wings can be traded
Unique new wings can be crafted and upgraded by jewels
Horn of Fenrir Mix
Ancient Hero's Soul
Pentagram & Errtels creation
Pentagram & Errtels Upgrading/Leveling


/reset Reset your character.
/evoquest Used to complete the quest, up to 4th quest - 5th quest npc is at davias.
/events Shows the timing of many ingame events
/ware Opens your warehouse
/hideicon Hides VIP-icon for other players
/regicewind Type this as guild-leader to join the icewind guild event
/whisper [on/off] People can pm you yes/no.
/pkclear Clear status Killer
/post [msg] Global communication on the current server.
/gpost [msg] Global communication between servers and subservers

/addstr [p] Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [p] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [p] Adds points to Life.
/addene [p] Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [p] Adds points to Commands only (DL).
/requests [on/off] Enable / Disable requests.
/offtrade Sell your personal store items for wcoins at mu online map davias
/scramble 'answer' Command to answer the scramble event
/gift-'class' Right now only gift for gun crusher is available, the giftcodes changes time to time

You can use right now only: /gift-gc

Other commands: (depends on current event)

MU Online, the legendary MMORPG, immerses players in a captivating world where they embark on epic adventures across the vast MU Continent. Choose from seven diverse classes, each with its own unique abilities and strengths, and begin your journey to power and glory.'); In MU Online, character progression is key. Gain experience by engaging in thrilling battles against a myriad of monsters, from the lowly goblins and golems to the fearsome Gorgon, Kundun, and Selupan. Explore dynamic environments teeming with peril and opportunity as you uncover hidden treasures and face formidable challenges.'); With each monster encounter offering distinct rewards and challenges, players must strategize and adapt their approach to conquer the diverse threats of MU. Whether delving into ancient ruins, battling through hordes of demons, or challenging powerful bosses, every step forward brings new trials and triumphs.'); Join forces with allies, form guilds, and compete in epic PvP battles to prove your strength and dominance in the ever-evolving world of MU Online. With regular updates and seasonal events, there is always something new to discover and conquer.'); Experience the thrill of MU Online today and write your own legend in the annals of this timeless MMORPG.'); ?>


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